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About Us

What started as a hobby has quickly turned into a business. I make all of my jewelry at home by hand. All my items are made with love and passion. I enjoy making them and I hope you will enjoy wearing them! I started out experimenting with different jewelry in August of 2011 and after a couple months, I found hand stamped jewelry. I was so intrigued and amazed at the whole process and quickly fell in love with it; I haven't looked back since :) My business is growing very rapidly and I look forward to seeing it grow even more over the next few years!

I enjoy creating each and every new jewelry piece I make and I put great care into trying to get it just right. I pride myself in quality and customer service. 


Meet the Team

1544061-10201368375402883-820693229-n.jpgDanielle Fitzgerald - Owner / Jewelry Designer / Customer Service Manager

Danielle founded Danielle Joy Designs as a hobby in 2011. She now spends all of her time running the business... everything from accounting to design and everything in between. When she's not working, she is traveling with her hubby, dreaming up new ideas/designs and cuddling up with her three little fur baby kitties.

1961486-10201368376762917-459412316-n.jpgAndrew Fitzgerald - Production Engineer

Andrew, AKA Mr. DJD, is Danielle's husband. They met in their late teens and have been together for over 9 years. He quit his job in 2013 to help Danielle with finishing and packaging. He also cuts and produces most of the metal discs that are used in DJD's designs. He owns and manages Hand Stamping Supplies. 




Rieko - Assembly and Packaging. Jewelry finishing expert